Insights on COVID-19 and the workplace

Insights on COVID-19 and the workplace

What we’ve learned from our client companies regarding the possibility of remote working.

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on businesses and their personnel. People Dimension did a small informal survey amongst our client base, to see exactly what the impact was on the workplace.

The survey was done at the beginning of Level 3 of Lockdown for South Africa.

  • At that stage 68% of our clients was fully operational again.
  • Our clients reported that 48% of their staff was back at the office and 52% still worked from home.
  • 64% of companies felt that employees could still carry on with their duties from home.
  • Performance wise 42% felt that their staff’s output was less than usual, 53% said it was the same and only 5 % reported a better production rate.
  • So when we posted the million dollar question – Would you consider a permanent work-from-home policy at your company, the response was as follows:
    • Only 15% was in favour of this
    • 60% said no
    • And 25% was still unsure
  • It seems like the biggest challenges for remote working arrangements are:
    • Sales and income was affected
    • Communication and technology was problematic
    • And home-life distractions
  • Our client companies had to implement the following measures in terms of staff to keep their business from closing down:
    • 30% implemented a headcount freeze
    • 8 % had to retrench staff
    • 13% had pay cuts
    • 25% had forced leave

Under normal market conditions i.e. sales continuing and children being at school, we believe more employers will be open to remote working, but until then there will be no working-from-home for employees.

Thank you to all our client companies participating in our survey. May your business continue to grow despite current challenges. People Dimension will be here to assist with the best talent the job market has to offer.