Job Title
Employment Type
Full Time
1 to 4 years
R20000 to R30000
Job Published
03 April 2023
Job Reference No.

Job Description

SAIPA Articles (Preferably done in a small firm)

Job Description:
1. Monthly Analyses Sales and Cost of Sales:
• Ensuring that sales and cost of sales transactions are correctly allocated.

2. Monthly Analyses operating Expenses:
• Bad Debts
• Cleaning
• Commission Paid
• Consulting Fees
• Repairs and Maintenance
• Staff Training
• Staff Welfare
• Subscription
• Telephone and Fax

3. Monthly Analyses Sales and Cost of Sales:
• Journalising the manufacturing variances and ensuring that the variances as
per the income statement/T.B balances with the Weekly/Monthly Production

4. Monthly Analyses and balancing of loan accounts:
• Preparing loan account schedules.
• Ensuring that the loan accounts balance in all sets of accounts.
• Preparing monthly summary of outstanding balances.

5. Month end schedules for the instalment sales:
• Reconciling loan statements to the balances as per the accounting records.
• Processing finance charge journals.
• Preparing monthly summary of outstanding balances.

6. Fixed Asset Register:
• Maintaining the fixed asset register.
• Process depreciation journals.
• Maintain fixed asset file.

7. Ensure that the cash books are processed and reconciled on a weekly basis.

8. Ensure that all inventory control accounts balance with stock on hand schedules
(Quantities, unit cost and value)

9. Ensure that debtors are balanced by no later than 2 work days after the last day of
the month:
• Debtors to have received their monthly statements by no later than 2 work
days after the last day of the month.
• Ensure that statement are correct and sent to the correct contact person for
each respective client.

10. All creditors must be reconciled by the 10th of each month.
• Prepare creditors reconciliations for each creditor. (Including NED Fleet
• Ensure that all variances are recoiled and clearly set out on the creditor’s

11. Payroll Accrual Accounts:
• Prepare monthly payroll journal.
• Prepare a reconciliation for each of the payroll accrual accounts.
• Ensure that each payroll accrual accounts balances to actual outstanding

12. VAT Reconsolidation:
• Prepare monthly VAT reconciliation.
• Ensure that accounting records balance with VAT 201 forms.

13. Provision for Taxation:
• Prepare monthly provision for taxation journal.
• Prepare monthly provision for taxation schedule.

Month End Reporting:
1. Ensure that month end accounting close of is performed by the 12th of each month.
2. Prepare monthly management reporting back (Reporting Pack to include the
• Monthly Management Accounts referenced to schedules prepared for month
end accounting close of schedules (Fixed Asset register etc.)
• Budget Report
• 6 Week Cash Flow forecast.
• Sales Report (Ingrid Potgieter)
• Manufacturing income statement.
• Minutes of weekly production meeting.

Weekly Reporting:
1. Update 6 Week Cash Flow forecast for weekly finance meeting to be held on
Tuesday morning of each week.
2. Update weekly manufacturing income statement for the weekly production meeting
to be held on Monday morning of each week.

SARS and other statutory Reports:
1. Ensure that VAT, PAYE and provisional taxation return are submitted and paid on time.
2. Prepare bi-annual IRP5 reconciliation end ensure that it is submitted on time.
3. Prepare and submit Statistics S.A reports.
4. Prepare any other statuary returns as and when required.