Job Title
Sales Manager
Employment Type
Full Time
5 to 15 years
R40000 to R60000
Job Published
15 March 2022
Job Reference No.

Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Performance Appraisal:
Commission Structures
• Assess whether changes need to be made or incentives structures should be put in place in order to ensure that what the company pays is relevant, as well as drives growth and present same to the management team for approval (taking profitability effect on the company into account).
• Communicate and train/explain any changes in commission structures and/or incentives to the relevant staff members.
• Ensure commission structures for the department (staff/agents/dealers) remain adequate and market related.
• Timeously submit month end commission reports to relevant staff and allow opportunity for queries to be raised and ensure same is addressed (MD to look into automating communication).
• Effective dealer administration management (Contracts, annexure's, price lists, etc.) .
• Ensure that a team, with agreed upon & defined responsibilities, is in place to deal with all dealer administration in a timely manner.
• The level of service to dealers should be a priority and will be assessed by reviews from dealers and internal staff on a quarterly basis.
Sales Consultants & Promotion Teams
• Ensure the maintenance of the sales rep & promo team bases, this includes the allocation of existing bases to be serviced upon loss of a staff member.
• Ensure the Sales Field Supervisor submits timeous & effective feedback based on company requirements.
• Ensure the Sales Field Supervisors time is effectively managed by means of a monthly schedule.
• Ensure there is adequate structure in place for the on-boarding (which includes detailed training and interviewing) during the trial period.
• Oversee the Promotions team division to ensure its viability. Raise any concerns, issues or suggestions for the structure as a whole.
• Reassessment of the Sales Field Supervisor position bi-annually to ensure the position is required.
• Scheduled visitation by the Sales Manager or management team representative to all staff in the field once a year (excluding Gauteng & Promo team).
Sales, Dealers & Promotional Team Reporting
• Build reporting pack out as per management requirements, and an agreed-upon schedule.
• Continue to build and improve all reporting.
• Continuously update and maintain accurate weekly/monthly reporting as required by the Management Team.
• Create, review and present feedback to external stakeholders/parties in a professional manner.
• Create, review and present feedback to the management team within the organization in a professional manner.
• Ensure all expenses are in line with the approved budget.
• Report as per pack, 100% on-time, accurate, quality insights into numbers.
• Reporting on new business as well as retention ratios on current business.
• Sales Managers responsibility to action/ delegate to subordinate and report back on any issues, concerns, suggestions raised during meetings (e.g. Sales budget meeting, etc.).
Vehicles and Equipment
• Due diligence to be conducted when authorizing repairs, services, etc.
• Ensure there is adequate process and control in place around the usage of company resources. Structure around allocation, monitoring and retrieval of the resources needs to be maintained.
• Fleet monitoring on a bi-weekly basis and further investigation to be allocated to the sales assistant where required and results actioned.
Region Representation & Recruitment
• Ensure that the company is represented in each region.
• Identify areas that require further representation for growth purposes.
• Recruitment of new & replacement staff for the aforementioned required roles.
Network & Client Relations
• Accurate, appropriate & timeous reporting as per the networks & clients needs.
• Effective networks & client relationship management.
• Growth and maintenance of the network & client relationships through scheduled meetings & on-going engagement.
Management Support
• Inherit the responsibilities/reporting from subordinates in their absence if needed.
• On-boarding training of new staff on required systems and processes.
• Provide adequate and reliable support to the management team across the business where required.
Staff Supervision
• Any operational requirements that can be automated and/or made more efficient to be raised with the management team.
• Assess all operational requirements on an on-going basis to ensure all are necessary with the changing needs of the business.
• Create, implement and maintain relevant training material, policies, procedures & SOP’s within your department.
• Ensure your departments are adequately staffed in accordance with operational requirements and there is sufficient workload for each staff member.
• Evaluate all sales & promo teams monthly stats to ensure they are performing and where performance is a problem for same to be addressed through the poor performance procedures (where no poor performance has been implemented there must be a valid reason).
• Evaluate and manage subordinates’ performance through target setting, appraisals, poor performance counseling and corrective action (where no action has been implemented there must be a valid reason).
• Handle disciplinaries, grievances and disputes in accordance with the relevant procedures and liaise with HR Manager.
• Identify where training is needed and facilitate the training accordingly.
• Manage and control time-keeping and leave for subordinates.
• Be familiar with other industry trends/products that can be implemented internally or used to improve existing systems.
• Constant reassessment of systems used to generate suggestions for changes or improvement.
Effective self-management & teamwork
• Build and maintain friendly, professional and effective relationships (colleagues, team members, staff, agents, etc.).
• Check slack a minimum of 3 times a day to stay informed on the latest information.
• Continually uphold the company's values.
• Handle stress in ways that do not negatively impact others, maintain a positive attitude and respond openly to feedback.
• Pro-active anticipation and communication of potential problems.
• Recognize, nominate and encourage fellow employees in the employee Recognition programme.
• Upskill & maintain your general knowledge and skills to perform your roles and responsibilities within the compay.
Health, Safety, Environment and Housekeeping
• Good housekeeping & cleanliness.
• Identify and report any SHE incidents / accidents immediately.
Sales Manager
• Identify and report unsafe conditions that could lead to unsafe working conditions and/or environmental harm immediately.

Desired Experience & Qualification

  • Matric.
  • Qualifications are beneficial.
  • Driver's license.
  • Reliable own transport and be willing to travel over SA to the various areas
  • Previous experience as a Sales Manager.
  • Relationship management.
  • Employee management.