Job Title
Education and Training Quality Assurance Manager
Employment Type
Full Time
5 to 25 years
Job Published
11 April 2022
Job Reference No.

Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Primary Key Performance Areas:

Manage the ETQA Division:

1. Implement, monitor, maintain and improve the organisation’s Quality Management System.

2. Implement, monitor, maintain and improve the organisation’s Assessment and Moderation System.

3. Implement, monitor, maintain and improve a stock control system for learning material and portfolios of evidence.

4. Monitor the performance of Practitioners against internal quality standards and against external compliance requirements.

5. Source Practitioners for the facilitation, assessment and moderation of learner portfolios of evidence.

6. Implement, monitor, maintain and improve a Practitioner Development Programme for permanent and contract Practitioners.

7. Manage the learner enrolment and registration process on the organisation’s Learner Management System and on SETA systems.

8. Manage logistics, in relation to “the life of a portfolio of evidence”.

9. Communicate and liaise with SETAs; build and maintain a professional business relationship with SETAs and Quality Councils in recognition of their role in the compliance process, and that they are important stakeholders in the organisation’s success.

10. Provide input into other functional areas of the organisation.

11. Quality assure learning material prior to printing.

12. Plan for and give effect to employee development, for subordinates in own area of responsibility.

13. Monitor daily operations in the ETQA Division in relation to policy and quality standards.

14. Reconcile learner attendance, attainment, retention, conduct and performance.

15. Provide input into the strategic direction of the organisation insofar as giving life to the country’s National Development Plan (NDP) and Sector Skills Plans.

Desired Experience & Qualification

Required experience

  • Minimum of 5 years experience within the ETD field
  • Previous experience in Education and Training Quality Assurance Administration / Management – preferably in the SETA, Private and Public provider space
  • Experience in academic planning, academic administration, and quality assurance in education
  • Vast knowledge and experience across the SETA domain, Quality assuring bodies, Outcomes-Based Education, NQF implementation, training, and development consulting
  • Minimum of 3 years successful EM’s at the SETA’s
  • Curriculum development
  • Min 5 years as an assessor and/ or moderator



  • Matric
  • National Diploma or degree in the field of Education and Training (ODETDP), including but not limited to modules related to Education Management, Quality Management, Systems Thinking, Learning Material Development.



  • Analytical thinking / Problem solving
  • Knowledge of QA
  • Ability to build interpersonal relationships


Knowledge Requirements:

  • In-depth knowledge of the South African skills development regulatory framework (including all related Acts, amendments, Regulations and Codes of Good Practice) is a non-negotiable requirement.


Professional Recognition:

  • Registration with local or international Professional Body related to skills development, including a professional designation (beneficial).


Practical Skill Areas:

  • MS Office (advanced)
  • Researching, writing and compiling various types of reports.


Essential Attributes

1. A well-developed value system that includes honest, fair and ethical business dealings.

2. Systems-oriented, with a positive and solutions-driven approach.

3. Approachable and a friendly disposition, with a clear understanding of team work.

4. An understanding of the value of kindness, humility, responsibility and accountability.

5. A sincere appreciation for life-long learning.

6. Ability to communicate at all levels in an organisation, using various means.

7. A keen eye for quality.

8. Efficient and effective, i.e. an ability to prudently use resources whilst producing results in the required time-frame.