Job Title
Deceased Estate Attorney
Employment Type
Full Time
5 to 10 years
Job Published
27 October 2022
Job Reference No.

Job Description

Job Description/Duties:


  • Legal procedure where the asset of a deceased person is managed and distributed.
  • Meticulous planning and execution.
  • Intestate Administration of Estate.
  • Obtaining a letter of authority to act on behalf of the relatives.
  • Obtaining the letter of administration.
  • Court Appearances if necessary
  • Testate Administration of Estate.
  • Reading of the will in court.
  • Identifying a Deceased Person’s Assets.
  • Paying the Estate Administration Fees.
  • Recovering Debts.
  • Paying Creditors.
  • Probate Services.
  • Determining the Value of the Assets.
  • Tax Services.
  • Distributing Assets to Beneficiaries.
  • Accounting to Beneficiaries.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Knowledge of the full deceased estate process.
  • Experience with Deceased Estate
  • Work independently
  • Work well in a team